twilsemail (twilsemail) wrote,

Sweet Dreams.

I’ve been having bad dreams lately.

By “bad dreams” I mean nightmares so bad I’ve woken up screaming in the middle of the night in cold sweats. They’re not always that bad… they're not even often that bad... they are sometimes that bad. Some have been recorded in this journal for posterity’s sake, viewable only by myself.  Maybe they'll get released later.

By “lately” I mean for the last 4 months. Pretty much every night. I occasionally get respite for a night for one reason or another, but that’s rare.

For the last five nights I’ve slept like a baby. Monday was a bad day so I really didn’t expect that last night, but I slept wonderfully. Even had a dream about couples cosplay. It was cute.  I overslept.  By a lot.

For those that follow this, I’m doing alright. It’s been a while since I could say that honestly, but I am. Thanks to everyone who has helped to carry me through the things I’m generally not allowed to talk about for the sake of other people’s privacy.  I'm not through the fire yet, but you've all given me a bit of asbestos, at least.

That's the kind of people you are.  I'll survive all of this and then catch asbestosis

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